Work permit agency in Indonesia

Work permit agency in Indonesia

New regulation is coming for foreign company. For whom needs a Work permit agency in Indonesia. Iwill be more accessible to contact our team. Since years, our team had been working on investment area. Manage local and foreign investment that want to established their company in Indonesia.

Many of investor has been confused toward the rapid changing on Indonesia regulation. People in charge and system to apply. This is happen not only because the problem of rapid improvement of Indonesian regulation. For investment but also political will for local and foreign investor to open, start or establish business. So when the regulation are more accessible and easier to understand.

More investment will be coming to be a part of Indonesian development. It will also open an opportunity for Indonesian worker has a job. And received a benefit from it.  Regulation from political perspective may be extremely different from what people were expected.  Some problem of harmony has been occurred. Since new regulation of presidential regulation on one single submission system for investment, start business in Indonesia.

The present of Work permit agency in Indonesia. It is very urgent to foreign company and worker. Who want bring their solid team to starting business.  Disharmony is occurring between National and Local government. That is at least need one more year of time to fix it. Either using political will of Indonesian leader or using a technology to break up the corrupt of bureaucracy.

Starting from transparency of Business Entity

The idea of all if is relay on the principle of transparency where both of entity can make mutual trust. The present of expresoo. It is actually, came from the lack of capacity of communicate each other among the entity. We help them to understand each other. To know each other what is allowed and what is not. To make more comfort to investor and to people surround it. And build healthy ecosystem of business and regulation.

So when you find this article. And you need our help, do not hesitate to contact our office and team. Than we can find the solution for you.